Bamboo Homes
Choose and design your own bamboo hale. "Hale" is Hawaiian for home. Bamboo Works Inc. is an official distributor and sale representative for bamboo homes designed and built by Bamboo Technologies in Vietnam. Bamboo Technologies is the first to offer engineered, manufactured, prefabricated and certified bamboo homes in the USA. Choose from a range of homes, studios, guest houses, pavilions and gazebos. Decks with roofs provide even more living space. Click on the model below to see descriptions, costs & materials and floor plans.

Plantation Hale
24'x40' rectangle
960' interior+912' porch
1872 sqft covered area
Plantation 1500
24'x56' rectangle
1344' interior+1104' por
2448 sqft covered area
Resort Hale
24'x24' square
576' interior+336' porch
768 sqft covered area
Thai Hale
20'x27' octagon/square
670' interior+480' porch
1150 sqft covered area
Pavilion Hale
30 ft diameter 12 sides
707' interior+717' porch
1424 sqft covered area
Octa Hale 20
20 ft diameter octagon
320' interior+510' porch
830 sqft covered area
Homestead Hale 15'4" ft dia. octagon
200' interior+420' porch
620 sqft covered area
Octa Hale 12
12 ft diameter octagon
120' interior+320' porch
440 sqft covered area
Guest Hale
16'x24' rectangle
384' interior+288' porch
672 sqft covered area
Eco Home 24'x24' square
576' interior+504' porch
1080 sqft covered area
Hip Hales
10',12',14',24' squares
100-576' interior
480-1296' covered area
Cottage 16'x24' rectangle
424' interior+128' porch
552 sqft covered area
Pod Hale
10.5 ft square
110' interior+210' porch
320 sqft covered area
Pod Thai Hale
10'x20' rectangle
200' interior+510' porch
710 sqft covered area
8 ft diameter octagon
10'x10' square
Custom Design
custom structures
various materials
various sqft